Why are FUSH Fly Rods so good?

Because we have taken out the middle man we can spend more $$ on producing the best fly rod money can by. We don't need to take short cuts and can provide the finished rod at very competitive prices and at a much high quality.

A quality rod starts with a quality rod blank and all FUSH Fly Rods are built exclusively on CTS blanks.

FUSH Blanks from CTS

Largely flying under the radar here in NZ CTS is a New Zealand company that specialises in making rod blanks, they don't actually make any finished rods at all, but make blanks for rod makers the world over. They started back in 1991 and have developed a growing following and a reputation for a very high quality product, and are constantly incorporating new technologies into their blanks as new technologies evolve.

Matching a quality blank to quality components results in a quality fly rod, with components from Struble, Hopkins and Holloway, Fuji, American Tackle leading the way.

Componentry for FUSH Fly Rods

Next is the workmanship that goes into the rod, being a small company we can take the time to inspect every rod and finish it to the best of our ablities. These are finely crafted hand made fly rods.