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Like with most products it's the ingredience that truly sets the good ones apart...

All FUSH blanks are manufactured in New Zealand utilizing the latest technologies, in fact each year see the blanks improved with up to 5 design changes, this constant strive for improvement means that every new FUSH fly rod incorporates the lastest techonologies available.

Add to this we utilize some of the best components from around the world to produce a really superior fly rod.

The blanks are made in Auckland by CTS. Their focus is 100 percent on building the best blanks they can. In fact CTS doesn't build any finished rods at all.


The Technology

Helix CoreCarbon Helix Core

  • Superior hoop strength
  • Improved response

A single carbon spiral is at the core of the blank. This type of structure is commonly regarded as the most effective way of maintaining cross section stability during bending.

CTS's carbon helix core will minimize cross sectional deformation during loading, improving power and response.

In a flexing situation, the blank is undergoing pressures that can cause it to change from a round shape to a slightly oval shape.

Even a small 2% reduction in section height caused by these pressures will reduce the stiffness of the rod by around 10%.

The higher the loading, the softer the blank will become, reducing its ability to fight fish.

All CTS carbon helix core blanks boast 100% non woven fiber.

A non woven fiber can achieve 100% of its tensile and compressive loading, unlike woven based scrims which exhibit large amounts of fiber crimping resulting in greatly reduced fiber loading potential.

100% Carbon Construction

  • Super light weight construction
  • Superior strength

Through the use of the CTS carbon helix core, blanks are able to boast a true 100% carbon construction. This ensures response and agility are optimized through utilizing the lightweight and high strength characteristics that only carbon can give.

Modulus Replacement TechnologyModulus Replacement Technology (MRT)

This new type of construction enables us to place totally different modulus materials at each part of the blank. Unlike traditional multi modulus systems which lay up materials of differing modulus materials together, our new Modulus Replacement Technology is all together different, taking blank manufacture to a new level.

Variable fit length

  • Reduced section-to-section flat spots
  • Reduced swing weight
  • Smooth load transfer

The join lengths between each section within our multi piece blanks are varied according to the load that they are designed to carry. This ensures flat spots and swing weights are minimized.

Computer Aided Engineering CAE

Computer Aided Engineering has enabled CTS to design precise blank ranges with perfectly progressive actions through the entire range.

Multi carbon construction

CTS works closely with its boutique carbon suppliers to obtain the optimum fiber types and resin systems to ensure all CTS blanks are at the leading edge in terms of material development.

Up to five different types of carbon are used in each blank. Each type is placed at various parts of the blank to optimize strength and weight.

Internal High Strength ferrule

A high strength ferrule is placed at each join, to provide superior crush and split resistance.

There is no need for the rod builder to place a ferrule wrap at this point for reinforcement.

Target Zero Fibre Alignment

Firber AlignmentFiber alignment along the length of any blank is critical. Even the smallest deviation in fiber alignment from the axis of load will greatly reduce the strength of the blank.

All CTS blanks are designed and produced to ensure all fiber is aligned as near perfect as can be with the load.